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Similar to a Hollywood Talent Agency that represents and manages the careers of actors, FHM is a Talent Agency that represents and manages the careers of the Finest Freelance Tech Professionals in Israel. We have become the place where organizations and individuals can find and hire the best freelanced Tech Pros for their short or long- term projects.

In contrast to other companies that find or outsource tech pros, we act completely different and have a very different approach to Tech Pros and Customers that need them. As a talent agency for freelance tech pros (not an HR or a placement agency) we don’t just hand over our freelancers to our customers, abandoning both sides and letting them battle it out for the deal like other companies do, we actually handle the management aspects of the deals and walk “hand in hand” with our freelancers and Customers. We stay “on” 24/7, like an agent does for his clients and customers.

Our freelance tech pros come from the best place where $1 Billion start-up companies form, the Startupnation of Israel. Our tech pros are the best innovators in the technology world and most of them have worked for the biggest and most successful start-ups that came out of Israel. From Waze to Mobileye to Wix.

There are 5 distinct advantages when hiring our talented tech pros.

1)      Competitive prices / advantages. You know the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, the reality could not be further from the truth! Our Israeli tech pros charge much less than what the American tech pros charge AND the quality of their work is much better. You end up getting MORE for your money!

2)      Well versed English speaking tech pros. Our tech pros are proficient in English, so no worries about language barriers. All of them have worked in an English speaking environment so communications is not a problem!

3)      Communication via email AND phone. Close and personal consultations. Although our talented tech pros are freelancers, you will “feel” that they are in your office!

4)      Our tech pros have helped build $1 Billion start-up companies. Their contribution is not only with their work per say, they also offer their insights and their wide knowledge and experience in building successful startup companies as they have done in the past. So  instead of you getting a tech pro that just does his/her job, you get a freelancer that does beyond what they are contracted to in order to make your company better! Why? Because these are Israeli tech pros and they have so much experience in building successful innovative companies, so we know their input will be a valuable asset to your company’s growth and advancement.

5)      Knowledge & networking. The fact that our freelanced tech pros have worked and are working for and with top start-up companies, these advantages give you and your company a variety of available options of networking with the right individuals that can take your company to the next level.

So, as you can see, there are many advantages to hiring our tech pros. Feel free to contact us.


If you are a Freelanced Technical Champion and have skills that are met with amazing past work, we are in search of you. Same as Hollywood actors have agents, we are your agents. We manage your business transactions, negotiating pay and compensations packages, building/managing contracts, finding new job opportunities, and everything in between. We make it possible for you to stay a Freelanced Tech Wiz by managing your career and deal with the Business Side of things so you don’t have to.




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What We Offer

FOR OUR CLIENTS – We Take Care of the Following and More…

  • Swift Availability of Top Leading Programmers, Web Designers & other Tech Professionals.
  • Rapid Execution of Projects with Superior Quality.
  • Award Winning “One on One” Customer Service and Consultation Services.
  • No Project is “Too Big or Too Small”.
  • Cost Effective System that will Save Money For Your Company.
  • Affordable Prices that Make You Come Back For More.

FOR OUR TALENT – We Take Care of the Following and More…

  • Assessment and Execution of Negotiations and Contractual Agreements on behalf of Our Talent.
  • Making sure that our Talent get the Best Terms and Conditions & Compensation Packages (i.e. Salary, Bonuses & other benefits) that are available on the Market.
  • Handling of the Overall Business Affairs that are the necessary “Evils” in this Industry to preserve our Talents’ careers.
  • “Hand in Hand” Approach. Financial Consultation, Legal Consultation and Any Other Matters that our Talent need; We will do our Best to Provide Solutions in the Best Way Possible.


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